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Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Microsoft's New Disk Format Prepare for Xbox 360

Jakarta - Microsoft reportedly is conducting trials to find a replacement new disc format for the Xbox 360. It is said that a replacement format has greater capacity and better protection system.

Xbox 360 chose to survive using the DVD format rather than having to switch to Blu-Ray as the PlayStation 3. Disk format that was deemed no longer adequate to use as a storage medium game. In addition to its capacity was limited, protection in it also has diobok meddle by the hijackers.

Well, a hacker who claimed to be one of the trial participants' Microsoft claims to know about the new disc format that will be used on the Xbox 360.

"Microsoft will introduce XGD3, larger capacity and is adding a new layer for protection," claim the hacker, who quoted from the Examiner, Thursday (03/31/2011).

Of course it is still a mere rumor, the article until now there has been no official response from Microsoft mengnai recognition hackers.

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