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Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Spring video game preview: 'Mortal Kombat' and more

Editor's note: Scott Steinberg is the head of technology consulting and video game companies TechSavvy Global, and founder of the magazine Game GameExec and TV Industry. Creator and host an online video series Game Theory, he often appeared as an on-air technology analyst for ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CNN.
(CNN) - Spring has officially sprung for the video game industry, with new systems such as glasses-free Nintendo, 3DS phones and new titles such as "Crysis 2" and "Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars" lead the charge.
Because one of the busiest season game outside the holidays, it's hard for even the most dedicated players to follow everything. Credits string of high-profile new PC console ("Homefront"), ("Shogun 2: Total War") and portable ("Pokemon Black & White") release, including 3-D version of the popular handheld series such as "Pilotwings," "Ridge Racer "and" The Sims. "
Of course, the things that continue to appear on the digital front as well. Accept the new PlayStation Network and Xbox Live downloads such as "Ghostbusters: Sanctum of the Slime," a PC title such as "Magicka" and the iPhone / Android applications, including "Angry Bird Rio," which lures us with an affordable price and convenience of the coffee-break.
Massively multiplayer online (MMO) games such as "RIFT" not slowed down their costs well, also have dozens of new free-to-play title social network, even with a respectable "Farmville" recently launched English Village expansion.
Wherever you are this season, whether flying friendly skies or comfortable sitting in front of your favorite Web browser, expect plenty of reasons to keep your head buried in a TV screen or smartphone. From fantasy ("Dragon Age: Origins II") to simulate full-throttle racing ("Shift 2: Unleashed"), sports ("Spin Top 4") to sci-fi ("Lego Star Wars III"), there is no shortage of promising new game.
To help with your list, here are five games that look to rank among the coming weeks' best:
Super Street Fighter IV (Capcom, Nintendo 3DS) - A number of new titles for Nintendo 3DS, like "Super Monkey Ball 3D" "and" Madden NFL Football, "offers a graphic that appears on the screen looks good, but only slightly. old-fashioned 2-D as well, or provide as much replay value for fans of this edition is dedicated as a franchise one-one fighting game popular.
Let you beat your friends with punches flying, helicopter kick and move against gravity-combination, the game comes with 35 individual characters are ready-made for online multiplayer action. The fire, finding a willing victim and watch talk-blow began.
Release Date: Available Now
Jurassic Park (the Games, Mac / PC) - With no signature series' movie or enjoy a lot playing this game side of the millennium, this downloadable episodic adventure seems as much an anachronism as the newly resurrected dinosaur features.
But this all-new story, which occurred during and after the events of the first film and game-wise has been compared to cinematic outing "Heavy Rain," aims to revive the spirit of the beginning of the franchise's heyday-the 1990s. Given the success marks the developer has recently rekindled interest in hits like "Back to the Future" and "Sam & Max," and the genre of adventure point-and-click, we would not bet against it first.
Release Date: April
Mortal Kombat (Warner Bros., PlayStation 3/Xbox 360) - Phase ninth in a series of ultraviolent game struggled to get back to basics, combining 2-D fighting bloody with jaw-dropping 3-D graphics. Highlights include playing a more easily accessible for beginners, super meter that can be charged to release more powerful and brutal attacks of bone-breaking special effects, seen as X-rays that show the horror-stimulating particularly vicious attack.
extensive online multiplayer options, the fight is mapped to each individual limbs and untold nod to campy martial arts movie makes promising return to form that must entertain new and old fans.
Release Date: April 19
Portal 2 (Valve Software, PC / PlayStation 3/Xbox 360) - An atmospheric mixture of action and physics-based puzzle game allows players to use portable wormhole to a distant object and transporting an individual to remote locales, and apparently can not be accessed.
By allowing you to play around with the physical nature of the item 'and using props like tractor beams and air vents to manipulate the momentum and angle of approach, "Portal 2" promises to tax both your wits and reflexes. This sequel to one of the most innovative and beloved best-selling game, thanks to a heavy blow a couple of solo addictive and cooperative multiplayer options, should be another feather in the cap franchise's.
Release Date: April 19
LA Noire (Rockstar Games, PlayStation 3/Xbox 360) - From the makers "Grand Theft Auto," this ode to an interactive detective series and the film noir look at the players solve the mystery in a rundown recreation of the 1940 Los Angeles. The game offers an impressive attention to detail in terms of atmosphere and character facial expressions. " Players must conduct a thorough interrogation, read body language and watch for a small tics and features that provide the deepest secrets of the suspect.
A crime drama outs for adult audiences, this game should give gumshoes much mystery to ponder when the boat seats. source

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